Ideal for low productions

Our more affordable equipment is manufactured for companies specialising in gourmet and high-end products.
Compact equipment designed for low productions.
Ideal for working on high surfaces and at the end of the packaging line, thereby preventing line contamination.
This is equipment that is versatile, resistent and has a simple geometry. Capable of offering some exceptional benefits.


• Equipment with dosifier and watertight electric switchboard separate from the module.


• Main tray with GoSync system to prevent the release of flavour.


• Manufactured in stainless steel AISI-304 both on the exterior and the interior. Also, the rest of the internal components of the equipment have an anti-corrosive finish.


• Mixing drum manufactured from a single piece, which is characterised for its easy disassembly and cleaning.


• It enables working without applying flavours by cancelling the rotation of the drum.


• Comb with GoSync system, thereby preventing flavour and salts from adhering to the surface of the tray.

• Distribution comb with detection system to ensure continuous application of the aroma.


• Module with disassemblable side covers for better access.


• Partially disassemblable flavour dosifier.


• Size, shape of the teeth and exit of the standard drum.


Weighing tray:


Easily disassemblable tray with a continuous weighing system that guarantees flavour dosing in the face of fluctuations in production.


Volumetric measurement tray:


Tray with volumetric product measurement system through an ultrasound sensor.