Designed for long productions

Large capacity robust equipment designed for high productions or for products that are difficult to aromatise.
Designed with a curved and soft geometry that minimises product accumulation points.
Ideal for long productions working on ground level.
Thanks to the incorporation of the dosing system through multiple pulverisers, there is the possibility of working with both solid and liquid flavours, all together in the same equipment or separately.


• Equipment especially designed for more demanding products. In addition to the application of flavour, it provides homogeneous coverage over the product thanks to greater exposure time in the mixing drum.


• Operation at the start of the line. For large productions and several packagers.


• Main tray with GoSync movement to prevent the release of flavour. It includes a disassemblable tray with a continuous weighing system that guarantees the dosing of flavour in the face of fluctuations in production.


• Control of flavour dosing through loading cells, comparing real data with theoretical calculations.


• Exterior completely manufactured in stainless steel AISI-316. Interior manufactured in stainless steel AISI-304. Also, the rest of the internal components of the equipment have an anti-corrosive finish.


• Robust equipment with incorporated screen dosifier and watertight electric switchboard that is adaptable on both sides of the equipment.


• Split equipment with large capacity independent drum, and with an internal geometry that guarantees a perfect mix of flavour with the product. Easy to clean with a nozzle and with a design that prevents dead zones and the accumulation of product remains.

• Large comb with GoSync system, preventing flavours and salts from adhering to the surface of the tray.


• Distribution comb with detection system to ensure continuous application of the flavour.


• It has sensors that guarantee safety by detecting the opening of covers and stopping the operation.


• Completely disassemblable flavour dosifier for better cleaning.


• Exit from the drum configurable to be adjusted to all the products.


Remote access:


Remote access system from our facilities to resolve any incident both in the settings of the equipment and in the creation of recipes.


Liquid pulveriser (only Hermes Oil):


It has a system with multiple high-precision fluid atomisation pulverisers prior to aromatisation. In this way, an optimal surface is obtained to ensure perfect coverage over the product.


Automatic liquid calibration (only Hermes Oil):


Calibration system for liquid flavours through a flowmeter. Only available in the Hermes Oil version.